How & Why Accessibility Matters for SEO

How & Why Accessibility Matters for SEO

SEO pros play a crucial role in the overlap between SEO and accessibility. Here's how we can make a positive impact on accessibility through our work.

Optimizing Your Website for Accessibility

Google is becoming more and more focused on website accessibility. If Google cares about accessibility, this means website owners and bloggers need to too. Accessibility does matter to both SEO and conversions.

In this training video, Rebecca Gill and Carrie Dils review how accessibility can and will influence your ability to rank in search. The two explore common accessibility issues and explain what you can do to optimize your website for accessibility. They also break down these technical issues into everyday speak so you can learn what matters, what you should audit, and how you can fix issues.

The accessibility training event will cover:

– Why accessibility matters to SEO
– What’s typically included when one talks about accessibility
– What is considered “good” accessibility
– How to test your website’s existing accessibility to see is lagging
– What can be done to fix accessibility issues
– Resources and links for additional information

At the end of the webinar, Rebecca and Carrie field attendee questions and provide feedback.

Learn more about the presenters at:

What is web accessibility?

Accessibility refers to the practice of making a website work for everybody, including making websites work for people with disabilities. Learn what you need to do to make your website more accessible and how accessibility relates to SEO.

More details:

Learn more about Elementive:

00:00 Introduction
00:48 How do you know what makes a website accessible?
01:21: Level A Requirements
01:37 Level AA Requirements
01:58 Level AAA Requirements
02:33 What makes a website accessible?
02:48 Perceivable
03:20 Operable
03:49 Understandable
04:09 Robust
04:39 How do I make my website accessible?
05:41 How do I evaluate a website’s accessibility?
06:51 Does website accessibility help SEO?
07:24 Adding alt text improves accessibility and SEO
07:46 Meeting robust guidelines
08:09 Do I need to make my website accessible?
10:00 Making your website accessible can help everyone

Web Accessibility Guidelines in About 7 Minutes

Web accessibility should be at the forefront of any choices about web design or development. Learn what you can do to make your clients’ sites accessible to more people.

Start here ➜


00:00 – Web accessibility checklist
00:59 – What is web accessibility
01:30 – Make navigation accessible
03:00 – Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
04:29 – Sean Chaudhary Interview
05:26 – SEO and Web Accessibility

Made for website designers and developers, the Hub makes it easy to maintain multiple sites with updates, backups, security scans and performance checks:

Learn about WordPress accessibility:
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Accessibility for SEOs: How to take Accessibility into consideration as an SEO

In this edition of Crawling Mondays we cover accessibility for SEOs with Ashley Berman Hale and Billie Geena, going through the most important aspects:

1:46 Why accessibility should be important for SEOs
5:57 The most common accessibility issues
7:42 The steps to identify accessibility problems
11:20 A top to check tool or resource to use
13:07 A last Accessibility Optimization

— This edition of Crawling Mondays has been sponsored by ContentKing: Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform, Check them out:

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