A New Era Of Google Search: What It Means For SEO

A New Era Of Google Search: What It Means For SEO

The practice of SEO is tied to the evolving technology of Google search. Here are ways SEO should adapt to the evolution of search.

Top 4 SEO Tips To Rank #1 On Google


00:00 – Intro
02:23 – 1. Keyword optimization. It helps you in researching keywords for your search campaigns. It gives the benefit of discovering the new keywords monthly research organizes your keywords and also helps you in creating campaigns as well.
03:34 – 2. Content optimization. A) Niche will make you rich. If you focus on your particular niche then people will follow you, Trust you in that particular niche. B) Create a content that demolishes all over the queries. It should be explained clearly with all the basics covered and it should be more simple and easy to read. C) Using modifiers for your content. We say it is a powerful word you should use to make your content appealing so that people can’t resist clicking your link. D) Invite niche related people to review your content. It’s always good to collaborate before you compete. E) Update your content constantly. Even if you updated your content a year before you should keep updating or write an amazing description every now and then on that particular article.
07:37 – 3. Website Optimization. A) URLS keep them short and use the keywords in your URLS. B) Make your website accessible and accessible on mobile devices as well.
09:14 – 4. Backlinking. A) Always mention your data sources and link them with your website it helps in increasing the trust. B) Include phrases, Quotes, Research data. C) Email outreach method. Instead of writing cold emails asking for Backlinks, make it a give and take deal.

Here in this video you will learn top 4 tips to rank no 1 on Google. So here comes the very first is Keyword Optimization. It is an act of researching, analyzing and selecting the best keywords to target to drive qualified traffic from search engines to your website. The next process is Content optimization which highlights 5 points: Niche will make you rich, Create a content that demolishes all the queries, Using modifiers for your content, Invite niche related people to review your content and the most important point is Update your content constantly. Now the next process we talked about Website optimization. It has 2 points, The first one is URLS. Always keep them short and use the keywords in your URLS. The second one is Making your website accessible and making sure it has to be accessible on mobile devices as well and here comes the last process is Backlinking. Points you should take from this are Mention your data sources and link them with your website. It helps you in increasing trust. Next point is to include Phrases, Quotes and research data. The last point in Backlinking is the Email outreach method. Instead of writing cold emails asking for backlinks, it will be awesome if you make it a give and take deal.


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Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing Training – by SEO Web Mechanics – 2020

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Getting started with Google Analytics 4 Google: The Gamechanger for SEO Statistics and Analytics

Google Universal Analytics is making the way for its new updated and upgraded version called Google Analytics 4. With GA4, you will have a new perspective on data and analytics as it uses Advanced Measurements to dig into data. This makes GA4 equipped with all the additional information that Google Universal Analytics was not privy to before.

With Google Analytics 4 integrated into your website, you will have several avenues to capture data, analyze insights, and implement the necessary changes to improve engagement and boost traffic on your website. However, there are certain things like the new interface, updated Reporting, and functionality that you need to be familiar with while using GA4, otherwise, the numerous benefits of the tool will elude you.

Watch our latest video to learn all about Google Analytics 4 and how it will be integral for your website’s visibility and reach

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TikTok Search VS. Google Search: a new era of SEO?

Bold prediction: TikTok is and isn’t going to replace Google as the dominant search engine.

Per a Google exec, approximately 40% of “young people,” when looking for a lunch �� spot, for instance, don’t go to Google Maps or Google Search – they search on TikTok or Instagram. But there’s a catch.

TikTok isn’t the same type of search mechanism as Google. Google uses a more scientific process for ranking results by order of relevance. It’s an “exact-match” model whereby I ask and it answers. TikTok isn’t quite so linear—it’s more of a “discovery engine.”

Relevance on TikTok is more about social influence—i.e. what a user thinks about a business’s posts or infers about that business by way of other users’ posts about it—versus empirically ranked results.

Notwithstanding, while TikTok is definitely gaining adoption as a search platform, Google still reigns supreme. Online search still is and has been a two-step process: A. find options, B. pick one.

My thoughts…. As the titans of search and social fight-it-out, keep making content and publishing it everywhere!—videos, blogs, reviews, and more! Be relevant no matter where customers may find and “vibe with” you.

I’d love your thoughts… what do you think?

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